Zurich Chapter 214

Ikebana International is dedicated to the cultivation and promotion of Ikebana and other Japanese arts. In workshops we learn and deepen this art and at exhibitions we present our Ikebana works and delight the public.

Ikebana International Zurich Chapter 214 was founded in May 1980 as an association and has since united various styles. Since 1983 we are a chapter (official regional group) of Ikebana International based in Tokyo. Currently, members of the Ikenobō, Kagei Adachi-ryū, Kaden-ryū, Mishō-ryū, Ohara-ryū, Saga Go-ryū, Sōgetsu-ryū and Stuttgart schools regularly attend joint workshops and present their art at smaller and larger exhibitions.

Visit our website and social media and get to know our association. We are looking forward to meeting you.