Ikenobō (池坊)

Ikenobō is the oldest and one of the most traditional ikebana schools. Over 500 years ago, during the Muromachi period (around 1336–1573), successive generations of a priestly family named Ikenobō founded and developed the Ikenobō ikebana in the Rokkaku-dō temple in Kyoto. For the ikebana culture they did even more by formulating the basic principles of ikebana for the first time. As a result, the history of the Ikenobō school actually represents the history of ikebana.

The most important Ikenobō styles, as central and current as traditional, are:

  • the majestically solemn Rikka (立花)
  • the classic as well as the modern light Shōka (生花)
  • and the free style Jiyūka (自由花) which are largely based on intuition and feeling.

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