Mishō-ryū (未生流)

Mishō-ryū (未生流) was founded in Osaka in the early 19th century by Mishōsai Ippo (1761–1824).

He created the traditional Kakubana (格花), a form in the classical triangular style, which is still practiced today in the spirit of the founder.

Since 1925, Shinka (新花), a new style that seeks to create floral arrangements that suit both everyday and special spaces, has evolved.

The life of flowers is always short. In order to express this life, it is important to practice the doctrine of forms often and to treat the vessel as well as the flowers, branches and leaves with a new feeling each time.

The school is headed by the 10th Iemoto Mishōsai Hihara Keiho (十世未生斎肥原慶甫).

The Mishō School teaches different styles:

Kakubana (格花) the classical Ikebana

Moribana (盛り花) plants arranged in the shallow bowl

Heïka (瓶花) plants "thrown" into the tall vase

Jiyūbana (自由花) The modern Ikebana with free forms uses plants as line, dot or colour elements in many different vessels


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Mishō Chapter
Regula Maier ("Yurihō" 百合甫)
Place: Sissach 4450
Tel. +41 61 971 55 17
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Website: ikebana-misho.ch


Annamaria de Carvalho ("Nahō" 菜甫)
Place: Biel-Benken 4105
Tel. +41 61 402 13 80
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Website: annas-ikebana.jimdofree.com


Nelly Gysin
Place: Sissach 4450
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Ursina Früh ("Kasumihō" 霞甫)
Place: Magden 4312
Tel. +41 61 841 01 62
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Ursula Goeldi ("Seihō")
Place: Binningen 4102
Tel. +41 61 421 30 90
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Kakubana in a bamboo vase by Iemoto Hihara Keiho for the anniversary exhibition in the Kronenmattsaal April 2018

Kakubana landscape of irises with two parts

Free style with glass tubes filled with water and flowers