Saga Go-ryū Workshop with Els Schnabel

The workshop with Els Schnabel from the Saga Go-ryū School from Kyoto will take place on September 23, 2022 in Dürnten near Zurich. Shōgonka will be arranged in the morning and Moribana in the afternoon.

Date and time: Friday, September 23, 2022

Workshop Part 1: 09:00 – 12:00.
Lunch break, see below for details
Workshop part 2: 13:30 – 16:00 hrs.

Location: Room “Rosmarin” 1st floor, Garten-Center Meier, Kreuzstrasse 2, Dürnten 8635

By car: Oberlandautobahn A53, directly at the exit Dürnten
By train: S5 or S15 to Bubikon ZH, a few minutes walk to the garden center.
(Upon request, guests will be picked up at Bubikon train station).

Theme: Morning: Shōgonka
Afternoon: Moribana river landscape

Bring: Vessels:
For workshop part 1 morning: “cup” or “bucket-shaped” vessel, filled with gravel and kenzan, for the Shōgonka.
For workshop part 2 afternoon: a large shallow bowl, at least 30 cm in diameter. Stones for the riverbank. Personal ikebana supplies.

Materials: will be prepared and provided. It would be nice if participants could bring their own materials after reading the explanation of the planned arrangement.

Participants: min. 8 max. 12 Number. Participants Implementation according to current BAG protection concept. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant

Costs: 1 day, 2 arrangements Fr. 90.- for I.I. members
1 day, 2 arrangements Fr. 100.- for guests
½ day, 1 arrangement Fr. 50.- for I.I. members
½ day, 1 arrangement Fr. 60.- for guests

Registration: by 05 September 2022 at the latest by email

If only morning or afternoon possible, indicate when registering. In case of cancellation at short notice (5 days before workshop) or no-show, the course costs will be charged.

Lunch break: time to cultivate friendship through flowers and enjoy culinary delights together with ikebana friends in the self-service restaurant. The in-house pastry shop leaves nothing to be desired for dessert. Lunch is to be paid separately. A table has been reserved for us. We are looking forward to an atmospheric workshop with you.

Friendship through flowers
Ikebana International Chapter Zurich 214 and Basel 227

Workshop leader Els Schnabel (I.I. Germany South) accompanied by Beate Zieroth (I.I. Berlin) and Esther Feucht (I.I. Zurich) as coordinator.

Shōgonka was initially intended as a flower offering on the altar. The solemn, reverent style has evolved over time to fit other spaces.

Shōgonka is the embodiment of this concept, in which the six main lines represent these six elements.

Sky (Chokushin) infinite possibilities.
Wind (Hikae) supports life
Fire (Gyokushin) nurtures and purifies
Water (Nagashi) sustains life
Earth (Uke) supports and nourishes all things
Shiki Futokuro holds everything together
(wisdom) Maezukuri knowledge, judgment, energy

Earth, water, fire and wind serve to elevate from the foot of heaven, standing gracefully in the middle. Wisdom brings all the elements together in harmony and fills the whole with life.
The possibilities to represent the different elements are many, one is, especially for “school strangers” and relative beginners, to pick up the peculiarities:
The sky is straight and long
The wind is blowing, e.g. long grasses
The fire is blazing, e.g. a branch with red leaves
The water shows waves, e.g. with corkscrew hazel, shows at 90 degree angle
The earth is stable, e.g. a thick leaf or branch/twig, also at a 90 degree angle
Shiki, wisdom or beauty is made of beautiful material; flowers and leaves.

Everything is put very close standing, without being able to see through. 10 cm above the vessel remains free and is only partially covered by the shiki.

Moribana, river landscape
For the afternoon, when the morning’s Shōgonka is finished, I plan to arrange a river landscape. Landscapes are a specialty of the Saga Go-ryū school.
For this, a large ceramic bowl must be brought and 3-5 kenzan or more, depending on the size of the bowl.
Both riverbanks are designed (front and back) with large deciduous and coniferous “trees”, shrubs and small flowers on the edge and “rocks”; stones on the edge in the water. Dry wood, a “dead tree” is also used. The river meanders through the forest.

As written above, it would be convenient if participants also bring their own materials. The arrangements are elaborate and require a lot of material and if the participants get the info in advance already and think about the material, maybe some could already collect material in their own garden or in nature.

I am really looking forward to our workshop!!!

– Els Schnabel

We want to capture unique moments through photos or film. This is the reason why you agree to be photographed or filmed by attending the event. You understand that we will publish the resulting footage and memories of this event in print, online or on social media.



Mishō-ryū Outdoor Workshop

The Mishō-ryū Outdoor Workshop with guided tour will be held at the Seleger Moor Park in Rifferswil on June 11, 2022. The theme is Heika symmetrical form.

Date: June 11, 2022

Schedule: 10:30 a.m. Assembly for park guided tour and workshop at the ticket office/entrance Park Seleger Moor.
10:45 am Park guided tour
12:00 p.m. Lunch break: bring your own picnic or eat at the Beizli on site
13:00 -16:00 h workshop in the Moorli-Huus

Location: Park Seleger Moor, Seleger Moorstrasse, Rifferswil 8911 / large parking lot on site, fee Fr. 4.–/day Carpooling: Please indicate when registering if you would like a carpool or offer one.

Topic: Heika, symmetrical form. “What nature offers us”

Bring: Vase about 30 cm high with good stand personal ikebana accessories.

The event will take place in all weather conditions. Choose suitable clothing! We will work in a sheltered shelter.

Participants: min. 8 to max. 12 persons (from 10 persons entrance fee Fr. 14.- instead of Fr. 18.-)

Execution according to current BAG protection concept. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant

Costs: 1 arrangement Fr. 50.- for I.I. members + park entrance Fr. 14.-/18.-
1 arrangement Fr. 60.- for guests + park entrance Fr. 14.-/18.-
Costs for the park tour will be covered by the I.I. Chapters ZH and BS

Material: Will be prepared and provided

Registration: until 31.05.2022 at the latest to the workshop management by e-mail

In case of cancellation at short notice (5 days before workshop) or no-show, the course costs will be charged.

We are looking forward to an atmospheric workshop.

Friendship through flowers Ikebana international Chapter Zurich 214 and Basel 227

Esther Feucht, Ursina Früh and Monika Nussberger

We want to capture unique moments through photos or films. This is the reason why you agree to be photographed or filmed by participating in the event. You acknowledge that we will publish the resulting material and memories of this event in print, online or on social networks.


Mishō-ryū workshops 2022

On select Saturdays in 2022, the Mishō-ryū Chapter will offer special workshops in Sissach. Each workshop will be held on a seasonal theme. The workshops are open to participants with and without previous experience. Individual workshops or all workshops can be attended:

* 1 October 2022: Ikebana in autumn
Teacher: Regula Maier
Registration until 17 September

* 12 November 2022: Free Style
Registration until 29 October

Location: Misho Schule, Gewerbestrasse 10, Sissach 4450
Time: 10:00-12:30
Cost: CHF 65.00 including plant material
Bring along if possible ikebana bowl with kenzan, ikebana scissors, plastic mat


Fantasy Basel – The Swiss Comic Con 2022

The exciting Fantasy Basel - The Swiss Comic Con will take place again from 26-28 May 2022 in the halls of Messe Basel. It is the largest convention for pop culture in Switzerland and probably the most diverse in Europe with over 60,000 m2 of exhibition space. Creative makers and fans celebrate the fascination of creativity and fantasy together for three days in real and imaginary worlds with a unique spectacle featuring stars, artists, cosplayers, film and TV studios, action zones, exhibitions, retailers, fan groups and thousands of visitors.

We are happy to announce that the Ikebana International Basel Chapter had been invited for the second time with its own booth.


Design Miami/ Art Basel 2022

The 16th edition of Design Miami/ Basel, curated by incoming Curatorial Director, Maria Cristina Didero, will take place from 13-19 June 2022. This year’s programming will explore the theme of The Golden Age: Rooted in the Past, celebrating the flexibility, resilience and adaptability of humanity.
Galleries and exhibitors from around the world present mainly furniture, art objects and lighting of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Ikebana International Basel Chapter will feature a collaboration with Erik Thomsen Gallery from New York. Erik Thomsen presented precious Japanese bamboo baskets by well-known masters. Mainly Freestyle arrangements in these baskets will be shown.


Ikenobo Special Member Workshop in Bern

This workshop is for Ikenobo Special Members only, whatever their Chapter or Study group. During 3 days, the visiting professor from Kyoto, Prof. Sato Yoshitada, will teach the participants by lecture, demonstration and practice on Jiyūka (free style), Rikka and Shōka.

Already foreseen in the previous years and suspended because of the pandemic, this Special Member workshop is the first one of a new concept in Europe.

Dates: 17-19 June 2022

Place: Hotel Ambassador, Seftigenstrasse 99, Bern 3007

For more information please contact Kyoko Kajita-Ulrich


Outdoor Workshop in Sissach

The Outdoor Workshop in the open air will take place on 20-21 August 2022 at the Bierkellerhütte in Reusli, Sissach. Creating Ikebana artworks in nature is a wonderful experience.

Date and time: 20 August 2022, from 10:00 to about 15:00 o’clock
Clean up on Sunday, 21 August 2022, from 16:00 o’clock

Location and room: Bierkellerhütte in Reusli, Sissach (At the end of Reuslistrasse, at the edge of the forest)
Bring along: Ikebana accessories and material from the garden/forest edge or flower field

Costs: Fr. 50.- for I.I. members incl. sandwich lunch
Fr. 60.- for guests incl. sandwich lunch

Organization: Regula Maier, Monika Nussberger, Wally Gschwind, Ursina Früh

Dinner: Barbecue with relatives. Sausage will be organized.
Salads and desserts are welcome
Registration: by 5 August at the latest by email to
In case of short notice cancellation (5 days before workshop) or no-show, the course costs will have to be charged.

We are looking forward to an atmospheric workshop.

In Friendship through Flowers
Misho Chapter, Ikebana International Chapters Zurich 214 and Basel 227


3 I.I. Chapters Meeting in Basel

The annual meeting of the three Swiss Ikebana International chapters will take place this year on Saturday, 27 August 2022 in Basel.

Time: 11.30 a.m.

Meeting point: Basel SBB train station exit city (north) at the bottom of the escalator

Venue: Lunch at the Villa Merian, Vorder Brüglingen 5, 4052 Basel

Following lunch: Guided garden tour of the Merian Gardens

Registration: by 15 August to