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The Ikenobo Swiss Central Chapter is the official Swiss branch of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society, Kyoto. With the permission of the headmaster Ikenobo Sen'ei, it was founded in 1999 by Shunzuen Suzue Rother-Nakaya.

Suzue Nakaya was born near Hiroshima. At the age of seven, she received her first lessons in the art of flower arranging from Sadamasa-sensei, who soon took her to seminars at the Ikenobo Academy in Kyoto. With her teaching diploma, she was given the ikebana name Shunzuen (春告園, Messenger of Spring).

After studying at Hiroshima University to become a teacher, she continued her education at the Ikenobo Academy in Kyoto. There she attained the highest degree of the Ikenobo school: Sokatoku, Senior Professor of Ikebana, 18th degree. Through numerous demonstrations and exhibitions, she became known in Japan and later in Switzerland. She has been teaching in Switzerland since the 1970s.

In the meantime, she has trained a good dozen ikebana teachers in Switzerland. She regularly gives courses for beginners and seminars for advanced students throughout German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino. In 1995, AT Verlag Aarau published her book Ikebana. Eine Einführung in die japanische Blumenkunst (2nd edition 2002).


Ikebana – A Wonderful Journey that started at the beautiful Lake Zurich
A fascinating journey began 53 years ago now: I was able to practice and pass on the art of Ikebana, which I was introduced to in Japan seventy years ago, here in Switzerland. The journey began in the Fischerstube on Lake Zurich. From this humble beginning, I continued my journey, delving deeper into the world of Ikebana, then sharing my passion and knowledge with other women in the Swiss Japanese Society. I vividly remember those early days when I was alone in my mission, without support, but warmly welcomed and supported by my first students.
In the years that followed, I tirelessly taught women, and my dedication to this artful task continues to this day. This period was marked by an intense devotion to the beauty of ikebana and the wonderful people I met along the way.
In the period from 2000 to 2005, my Ikebana journey took me as far as Jordan, where I had the honor of teaching Ikebana and presenting a demonstration to the royal family. This precious memory remains a living treasure for me.
For example, for the past two decades I have been accompanied by a loyal student who travels throughout Switzerland with her husband, who will celebrate his 80th birthday next year, to study ikebana with me.
It amazes me deeply how quickly time has passed as we explored and experienced the beauty of ikebana together. Maja, my oldest student, is now a proud 91 years old. Together with Maja, Martine, Erika, and many others we started a first Ikebana group. Sadly, Martine, Erika and many more of our cherished students have already passed away. Our hearts are heavy, and we miss them deeply. Their memories will live on in our hearts.
Over the past 53 years, I have had the privilege of passing on the art of ikebana to many people and sharing my joy and passion with them. Some of my students have left for other destinations, others have abandoned their journey, while still others have remained faithful to me and are with me to this day on the beautiful flower path.
This long Ikebana journey was filled with unforgettable moments, wonderful memories and precious encounters. I am deeply grateful for all these precious moments and for the opportunity to share the beauty of Ikebana with so many people. My thanks go to all those who have accompanied me on my journey and still do – unfortunately I cannot mention everyone by name in this short report.
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to three people from my home country who have inspired me in particular: Sadamasa-sensei from Sera near Hiroshima, who introduced me to the beautiful art of ikebana seventy years ago, Iemoto Ikenobo Sen'ei, who promoted ikebana in Switzerland and always supported me, and my long-time teacher Miura-sensei in Kyoto.


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