Ikenobo Zurich Study Group

The mission of the Ikenobo Zurich Study Group is to encourage, empower and motivate people to learn Ikenobo, as well as to inspire and increase understanding of the cultural and social context of Ikebana in the religious, artistic and therapeutic settings.

The Ikenobo Zurich Study Group is headed by Regi Bockhorni. He was born in Brazil and lived in the Netherlands and now in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by his Japanese family, he began studying Ikenobō during his university years and immediately fell in love with this wonderful "flower art". With a degree of Sokako (総華綱 Professor 1st Grade) since 2021, he is the youngest of all Ikenobō professors in Europe, committed to dedicating his knowledge and understanding of harmony and unison to all those who, like him, love and care for a life with and through flowers. His motto: Where there are flowers, there are people.

With more than 10 years of experience, he teaches Ikenobō with great passion and enthusiasm to students from beginner to advanced levels, in different languages at various locations in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Online courses through videoconferencing and instant messaging are also available.


Regi Bockhorni
Location: Zurich 8032
Tel.: +41 76 371 6166
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Website: ikenozurich.com
Facebook: ikenobozurich
Instagram: ikenobo.zurich