Ikenobo Bern Study Group

The Ikenobo Bern Study Group is headed by Kyoko Ulrich-Kajita.

Her grandmother was already an Ikenobō teacher in Japan. Since her childhood she has been very interested in Ikebana. It is both a great joy and good fortune that she can teach and pass on the Japanese flower art here in Switzerland since 2007.

Courses take place at the Ecumenical Centre Kehrsatz in Kehrsatz (approx. 15 min. by car or train from Bern).

Classes consist of ongoing courses, beginners can join at any time. It is possible to register for individual days. Classes are held every fortnight on Tuesday and Wednesday. Once a month there is a Saturday workshop or a weekend workshop. Once a month there is also beginners course in Japanese.

Online courses through videoconferencing and instant messaging are also available.


Kyoko Ulrich-Kajita
Location: Kehrsatz 3122
Tel.: +41 56 223 39 45
Email me
Website: ikenobobern.com
Instagram: ikenobo.bern