Hedy Leung

Hedy Leung has a holistic approach to the balance of energies between human and nature. In her everyday practice, she explores the healing and revitalising powers of sound, plants, and sogetsu ikebana.

Leung is a member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association and Ikebana International Basel Chapter. She studied under the tutelage of sensei Mr Ho Hin Shing (1st Riji) since 2017. In 2022, she received the Sogetsu Ikebana Teachers' Diploma 3rd Grade Sankyu Shihan.

Apart from teaching, Leung has been invited to art exhibition and cultural projects including ‘hands project’ (2022) by PF25 cultural projects and a solo exhibition at Atelier Mondial which is planned for 2023, alongside numerous demonstrations including at Giardina, Zurich; at the VitraHaus in Weil am Rhein and Japan Information and Cultural Center, Bern.

In the practice of energy balancing, Hedy completed in 2021 the BioGeometry Advanced Training to Level 6 in Energy-Quality Balancing & Measurement, Environmental Energy Balancing and Design Principles. Hedy is also a certified senior Chinese medicated food dietician with the recognition of the International General Chinese Medicated Meal of Self Recovery Association. In 2020, she graduated with the Diploma Program in Practical Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies at The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education. She has a bachelor degree of Social Science in Psychology Studies from Hong Kong Metropolitan University.

Workshops are available in Basel in March and October 2023.


Hedy Leung
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Ikebana freestyle
Ikebana freestyle