I.I. 3-Chapters Exhibition

From Friday 9 June to Sunday 11 June 2023, the Embassy of Japan in cooperation with Ikebana International held an Ikebana exhibition at the Japanese Information and Cultural Centre (JICC) of the Embassy of Japan. In the exhibition, all three Swiss chapters of Ikebana International, namely Basel, Geneva and Zurich, showed their works together. Works from the schools Kagei Adachi-ryu, Ikenobo, Kaden-ryu, Misho-ryu, Ohara-ryu and Sogetsu-ryu were represented.

The vernissage took place on Friday, 9 June. After the visitors had already been able to get a first glimpse of the exhibition, Ambassador Fujiyama introduced the opening ceremony in the garden of the JICC with a greeting in which he expressed his gratitude to all participating artists for their commitment and emphasised the long-standing and fruitful cooperation of the Japanese Embassy with Ikebana International. Ms Ursina Früh, President of the Ikebana International Basel Chapter and main organiser of the exhibition on behalf of Ikebana International, also thanked all the exhibitors and the organising committee in her speech.

After the opening ceremony, all guests had time to take a closer look at the exhibited works. The exhibition was very well received by the numerous guests. 🌸

Photos of the exhibition can be seen here

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