Fantasy Basel

Fantasy Basel – The Swiss Comic Con is the largest convention for pop culture in Switzerland. This fair took place from 18–20 May 2023 in the halls of Messe Basel. Creative makers and fans celebrated the fascination of creativity and imagination together in the real and imaginary world with a unique spectacle with stars, artists, cosplayers, film and TV studios, action zones, exhibitions, dealers, fan groups and thousands of visitors.

For the third time, the Ikebana International Basel Chapter was invited to be represented with its own booth. They had as neighbour the calligraphy master Takeda Rie, with whom they had already collaborated in the past.

The booth concept showed the connection between Ikebana and its depictions in anime and manga. Examples here were Magic Kyun! Renaissance and Girls und Panzer as well as Bleach. These series served as templates. The original arrangements were recreated and screenshots from the works were juxtaposed as printed posters. It showed the illustration and the real arrangement next to each other in order to illustrate the realism of the drawings.

At Takeda-sensei’s booth, the interplay between Japanese calligraphy and flower arrangements was shown. Visitors were also able to participate in workshops.

Until then and may the (flower) power be with you! 🌸

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