Martha Bachmann

My motto: To share with others that Ikebana enriches people's daily lives, awakens and enhances our awareness of our surroundings, and delights us by engaging with nature, flowers, branches, etc.

I am an Ikebana teacher since 1989. I am a teacher of the Kagei Adachi-ryū and Kaden-ryū (style). I have many years of teaching experience in small groups, and offer workshops, demonstrations, showing the Ikebana ceremony at home and abroad. I have also done board work in Ikebana committees at home and abroad.

Classes take place in my studio in the centre of Zurich. My offer consists of:
Individual lessons in the afternoon or evening, usually in blocks of 5x. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, usually on Wednesday or Thursday and possibly Saturday, or double lessons in the afternoon. Intensive introductory course, on Saturday and Sunday all day. Special courses such as "Ceramics and Ikebana", "Basket weaving and Ikebana", etc. are also available.

For course details and dates see announcements on my homepage.


Martha Bachmann
Location: Zurich 8032
Tel.: +41 79 763 59 92
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