Li Chia-hua

Hallo and welcome to the world of Ikebana! My name is Chia-hua but you can call me Flora. I have been studying at the Sōgetsu-ryū school since 2006. I finally held my first solo-exhibition in the beginning of 2019 in Switzerland and then proudly received my diploma as a teacher. I speak Mandarin and Taiwanese dialect, English and some German. You can follow my social media pages or write to me directly.

I offer live and online courses with different topics for beginners and advanced students. No matter where you are and who you are, follow me and let’s enjoy Ikebana together!


Li Chia-Hua (Flora or "Shūsen" 秋泉)
Location: Schnottwil 3253
Tel.: +41 76 558 86 08
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Facebook: ikebanainswitzerland