Inès Massin

I had the chance to live six years in Japan where I discovered ikebana and started to practise at the Sogetsu school in Tokyo. From the first lesson, I was touched by the beauty of this spiritual art. It connects me to nature but also to my inner self. It soothes me and gives me the joy of creation. I continued to train in Singapore and now in Switzerland with very different teachers who enlightened me, each in their own way, on the path of flowers.

Since 2018, I have been teaching myself. I am happy to transmit this passion to the students and to accompany them on the subtle path of ikebana. I give weekly classes for beginners and advanced students near Lausanne, and I also organise workshops on demand.


Inès Massin
Location: Le Mont sur Lausanne 1052
Tel.: +41 79 306 96 11
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