Daniela Jost

Since a professional stay at the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo from 1987 to 1993, I have been fascinated by Japanese culture and in particular by the art of flower arranging. Since 1991 I have been in possession of the teaching diploma of the Sōgetsu-ryū. I also have regular further training and seminar participation at home and abroad.

My motto: Kōkei - passing on the gift

Since 1995 I have been teaching the Sōgetsu-ryū style for beginners and advanced students in Geroldswil. My offer is aimed at beginners and advanced students in mixed-level groups.

Using the textbooks of the Sōgetsu-ryū, you will learn the different basic styles in theory and practice. In the further course you will work in free style with a selection of branches and flowers, which always offer new possibilities depending on the season, and discover the peculiarities of the different plants.

I also have a webshop for Ikebana ceramics, vases and accessories.


Daniela Jost
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