Carmen Rothmayr

Hallo to everyone. My name is Carmen and I am an Ikenobō teacher.
The Japanese art of flower arranging - teaches us to bring out the vitality and beauty of plants through the mindful, harmonious arrangement of branches and blossoms.

Ikebana is for me more than a design method, it is a path that leads to nature and to oneself: On the Kadō (華道) or flower path, as it is also called, you will experience relaxation and inner peace. It’s your very own quiet dialogue with the flower.

After many years of experience as a florist, I started my Ikebana studies in 2009.
I offer introductory workshops in the Ikenobō style and lead twice a month Ikebana classes with beginners and advanced students. With me you will learn to see nature with other eyes and translate these observations with the mean principals of Ikebana as asymmetry and space into your arrangements.

I look forward to introducing you in the world of Ikebana.


Carmen Rothmayr
Location: Küsnacht 8700
Tel.: +41 79 763 59 92
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