I.I. Basel Chapter 1st Stammtisch

On Thursday, 16 September 2021, the 1st regulars’ table (Stammtisch) of the Basel Chapter took place in the Schützenhaus in Basel. The topic was “Mini-no-Hana” (極小の花) – very small Ikebana. The regulars’ table takes place on the 3rd Thursday of each month and starts at 6.00 pm. The regulars’ table includes a small programme for about 1 hour, before we have dinner together afterwards.

Mini-no-Hana is a tiny arrangement no larger than 15x15x15cm. Five different materials are used to make colourful arrangements in small containers such as vases, Schnapps glasses, tins, sugar bowls, etc. Small flowers, delicate flowers, and other small objects are used. Small flowers, fine grasses and tiny leaves are used, which are normally too small for Ikebana. The cheerful mini-no-hana is placed on a small base made of paper, wood, glass, mirror or fabric, making the whole thing look very cute.

Location: Restaurant Schützenhaus, Schützenmattstrasse 56, Basel (parking is available and the bus stop “Schützenhaus” is vis à vis and accessible by tram 1 or 8 from Basel Bahnhof SBB and bus 33, 34 and 48).

Date: Thursday, 16 September 2021

Time: 18:00 – followed by dinner together

Instructor: Regula Maier, Mishō-ryū

Brought along: two to three small containers with a suitable base and, if possible, various plant material from the garden, wayside, potted plants, but only a few and only short, small stems. I.I. will provide some material. With many plants brought along we would like to create a colourful mixture of small flower arrangements.

Dinner: Everyone stayed for a small dinner so that we could chat a bit.

We adhered to the guidelines of the FOPH in force at that time. For this reason, registration was required for all guests. The 3G rule (vaccinated/genetically tested) applied.

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